The Green cash app

The G-Kash Program

Green Kash or G-Kash Implementation and dedicated easy financial Access for LREB women SACCOs
through own app Mobile Money G-Kash or Green Kash creating employment to mobile money agents serving
agribusiness market segment mainly managed through our franchise.



Our project is in collaboration with Lake Region Economic Bloc with the intention of forming LREB Women SACCO of which we are collaborating closely with LREB to mobilise the resources for the final rollout to benefit member groups, we are working with LREB in designing the project, recruitment of members and resource monilization.

This virtual app will help the farmers access loans with ease as long as they are already registered with LREB SACCO a fund that will be 100% guaranteed through our jointly owned funding with our development partners. As long as the borrower engages in farming activies of our selected crops,

The G-Kash project shall offer affordable smartphones to members of LREB SACCO through off-check instalments for 12 months period. This Phones shall come with customized app which will allow the phone user to access both Voice and Data Communication as the most affordable prices, this will offer them cheap communication with LREB SACCO members and also family communication, this project is to make also members to access information such as reading digital news paper at the lowest data cost.

This will encourage also young Kenyas to get into farming as there shall be emerging opportunities in the agribusiness sector, Fogex –Fobcep Gateway Exchange Limited an ICT Company shall invest into this program through collaborative intiative with other technology providers and vendors to make this concept note realized.

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