The Agripro Business Model

Our Model

AGRI PRO EXPORTERS LTD business model is a multi-level marketing program adopted from what is famously known as the business of the 21st Century approach of dealing directly to customers / business-to-business and not through the conventional Chain marketing.

With the rapid adoption of this model in the past years, we have had to rethink and redesign our business model, to include one to one distribution channels. In our current business model, we find we need to support sales with an army of sales reps that allows us to penetrate the market far more effectively than we could be using the old business model.

agripro-modelImagine owning a business that’s all about engaging directly with farmers and making lifetime memories by offering services that makes farmers not to lose their fresh produce. And getting paid for it!

Learn more about the costs, benefits, we are pegging locations for horticultural fresh produce collection points, AGRI PRO EXPORTERS
shall avail Pack Houses in all the collection points at Counties through our franchises, these collection points pack houses shall become feeders for Cold Storage in Kisumu International Airport, Agri Pro Exporters Ltd is working towards making the management platform available by the end of November.

Already LREB together with Kenya Airport Authority is engaged to make sure that this dream come true. Even though we as have acquired privately owned land measuring 2 Ha which is only a five-minute drive to the Kisumu International Airport. This land shall host a cold storage, pack house, packing lot, a Restaurant, Office apartment, apartments, swimming pool, warehouses/ Stores, office park with conference halls and shops. This facility is not only intended to offer cold storage facilities but also to offer space for other businesses and office park for leasing out to other business communities that will be operating within the Airport and beyond.

Management of the facility will be outsourced so that Agri Pro Exporters sticks to its commercial mandate in the fresh business sector.

Join a franchise agribusiness that will help you build a thriving volume-based Fresh Produce export business that provides an amazing work/life balance.

Agri Pro Exporters business model offers franchise to private companies and individuals who would want to grow with us together by investing in our business by buying into franchise.

Agribusiness is a recession-resistant business and our franchise owner’s benefit from a growing customer base, repeat business, low overhead, and automatic sales from our easy online ordering system from global buyers.


  • Never work evenings or weekends,
  • Only work 4 days a week (8am till noon)
  • Only work 204 days of the year (more time off than bank employees or school teachers)
  • Never do marketing or sell anything (our automated e-commerce system does that for you)
  • Agri Pro Exporters has made it possible for you, you only have total control of your schedule, revenues, and profits. Working with Agri Pro Exporters offer investors an opportunity to make a breakeven within the shortest time possible out of their capital investments of USD.1, 000, USD. 2,000, USD. 5,000, USD. 10,000, USD and USD.15,000 respectively, offering amazing returns on a quarterly basis.

It is next to impossible to think of an agribusiness that can offer you any kind of a career with a balanced lifestyle?

The answer to this is NONE. Our platform which is purely agribusiness offers you the opportunity to make well
over 17% profits over your investment on a quarterly basis. The higher the volume of deliveries to cold storage the
higher the profits at end of each quarter.

There’s a certain magic in working with framers from the farm and collecting the best harvests that will become treasured for export market. And that the reason why we offer the best technology for pack house and cold storage for one, to preprocess the products at farm level, secondly; to offer precooling services, thirdly to control and make sure that only the best get opportunity to enter our pack houses, once a product is cleared there is a guarantee that the Franchise is ready to make profits plus invested money back.

We work constantly to provide our Franchises with Cold Storage facility, inbound and outbound logistics, with the most creative and unique and innovative innovations available anywhere. Franchises are our business partners ready to invest for product procurement as we organize for markets and logistics, Franchises shall always always be amazed by the quality of marketing solutions that they shall always receive from us. Creativity, quality, and repeat customers shall be the real secrets to our success.

Our business Franchises shall have a seamless online ordering system which gives franchisee and franchises the opportunity to view, order, and share export market information online with ease and without high-pressure sales.
Franchise are able to view multiple deliveries to pack houses and deliveries from pack house to cold storage at the airport at their convenience and may choose to purchase more fresh horticultural products for pack houses for
deliveries to the cold stage without obligation.

Our exceptional fresh produce product quality and related technology fully automate the sale and delivery. Both franchise and foreign markets will love our secure online proofing and ordering system. Agri Pro Exporters create an easy ordering process, unique pack houses and Cold storage system with international standardization, and our
attention to detail makes it easy for our franchise owners to export market offering a daily opportunity for their area.

Provide our franchise owners with unwavering support through all phases of training and continued operations as you grow your business—Agri Pro Exporters believes in a team approach to success. When you join us as an agribusiness franchise owner, you will be tapping into a wealth of resources for starting and operating your agribusiness export platform and with all those solutions that supports it, we shall offer you all those solutions ranging from pack houses, cold storage, account management, air and sea logistics and training. Agri Pro Exporters shall avail 14 locations in western Kenya for franchise purchase by our franchise owners.

Agri Pro Exporters offers these franchise opportunities, throw new franchise owners sharing into our business into
class, show them the “on” switch on the wall and send them on their way to engage into the business of Agribusiness.

At Agri Pro Exporters, our training and support services extend well beyond our initial training with ongoing support provided throughout the first year of operation and continuing thereafter.

If you’ve thought about being your own boss and want control of your work, finances, and life, Agri Pro Exporters business program can offer you two things: a business that fulfills the dream of being your own boss, of paying yourself and not someone else and a business that will let you have the freedom to live on your own terms, travel
when you want, spend more time with family, and the flexibility to enjoy your life.
Learn more about our franchise that will make you happy and smile all the year round.

For more information about our franchise business offer contact us on email:


Our Strategic Partners

This is the first agribusiness in Kenya to offer opportunity to both farmers and individuals and private companies, allowing everyone to make money through and still have time for their family. This business has a great system and outstanding corporate support, we invite both the young, retired and private companies to join us by buying franchise supporting our pack houses and cold storage with enough supplies for export and creating massive job opportunities to our rural families