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Local & International Partners

We at Agri Pro Exporters only work with our franchises distributed in Lreb Regional Bloc.

The Franchise are our local investment partners, we wouldn’t purchase farm produce directly from farmers but we only engage with famers through our franchise at farm level and for you to be our franchise partner you must purchase the franchise business with us before you are given the franchise, when it comes to procuring quality products that meets International standards, franhise investors are trained on quality standards so that they are able to source products that meets the Interational standards, the franchise owners will be supervised by our inhouse quality inspectors.

On our part we deliver our pack houses, market and export logistics of both land, sea and air.

Investing with us earns you 17% per every deliveries of fresh products procured through our pack houseses.

Your investment is 100% guaranteed by our counter funding meaning that you could deliver as many times as
you wish per week and you get paid and plus earn your 17% bonus of which 20% of your bonus will purchase
for you shares intor our main export business and so you become an owner of the business.

When you purchase our franchise you will be given a five year legal purchase contract renewable for another five years, thereafter offered training at the farms of collection, we shall install the pack house and offer any
other relavant material such as packaging paterials and posters, the training shall remain a continuous process
during the franchise life time.

The franchise will have to operate within franchisors’ rules and standards as business transactions at the farm level shall remain transparent and accessible by our main head office through a shared interactive virtual platform which will transmit data on our web based virtual interaction, the data shall provide purchase value, name of farmer and product type and delivery time,

Offer information on the inspection date and time of delivery and purchase price and payment status. Our purchase policy is that all products delivered if confirmed to of good export standards, must be paid off at the point of delivery (at the pack house or at the Cold Chain warehouse). Should goods be delivered on credit, payments must be made shall be made within twenty one days.

Once products are confirmed to have met standards required by our Cold Chain Warehouse, the pack house franchise owners shall deliver the products to the Cold storage and shall be allowed to access additional funding for procurement of additional fresh produce for another circle of delivery.

The Franchie business owners will be allowed to access addition 50% of their cash deposit investment with us, once they have made delivery of the procured product to Cold Chain warehouse arrangement is made for additional funding of equivalent to the value of the products delivered to the warehouse.

This is managed as a business franchise as engagement of franchise is the best business option that shall minimize our capital investment, who work closely with farmers at farm collection level, through our franchise we offer farmers support with quality product selection, training and pre standardization at farm level before the Fresh produce is transported to the central pack house before being taken to Cold Chain warehousing for export processing.

Our Strategic Partners

GTBank offers us specialized instruments for financial engagement with offshore lenders. They shall be helping us secure Security Bond that will guarantee the turnkey development funding that will be engaged in the deliveries of cold chain, pack houses, leasing of project equipments, hiring of human resource, technologies, certifications and publicity

Inspirafarms is a speclist company in developing cold chain solutions for fresh produce for the first mile, together in our collaborative initiative we shall concentrate on reducing post-harvest loss, extending self life, reducing OPEX, and giving our clients data that they never previously had. This combination ensures aggregators and exporters can export more product, which last longer with lower costs

Our project is in collaboration with Lake Region Economic Bloc with the intention of forming LREB Women SACCO of which we are collaborating closely with LREB to mobilise the resources for the final rollout to benefit member groups, we are working with LREB in designing the project, recruitment of members and resource monilization.

Our Partner on Franchise Development

Kenya Commercial Bank is the bank that handles all our franchise investors and franchise development engagement programmes with investors who are ready and willing to invest between Kenya Shillings Five Hundred Thousand to Kenya Shillings Five Million in franchising our pack houses for collections of fresh produce for final deliveries to our Cold Chain Facility in Kisumu which act as our clearing house for products which are already processed for export.