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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan


Daniel Padwa

Founder Executive Chairman & CEO

Daniel Padwa

Founder Executive Chairman (54-yrs old)

A trained socio economic project concepts developer, a graduate of Otto Mobe Schule Graz, uniquely proven competent professional with over 30 years of rich
and insightful experience in working with developmental projects in hard to reach regions in Africa, a personality with a global cultural blend and integrity, born in Kenya, lived in Asia and Europe during his college schooling periods and partly in North Africa during project development for the government of Sudan, where he worked as government special advisor in projects that improved livelihoods of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs), a great negotiator, a developmental strategist with proven rural developmental acumen of delivering projects to Public Institutions and Multinational corporates, an International fundraiser and negotiator with the ability to deliver turnkey projects under no supervision, a believer in team work and a team leader with a proven ability to delivering projects in hard to reach regions of Africa with lean human resource.

Currently Mr. Padwa’s is on his last mile upstream noble project Cold Chain storage project in Kisumu, a private facility to serve Kisumu International Airport as a one stop platform to offer all-inclusive solutions to horticultural Fresh Producers in the Lake Region Economic Bloc-LREB, Mr. Padwa is geared towards making this project become a reality in partnership with technologies from Enterprise Projects Ventures Limited (Inspirafarms) and with other foreign investors in the Aviation industry to offer efficient, reliable and affordable air logistics.

Mr. Daniel Padwa is offering an express intent of establishing the only scientific horticultural commercial hub in Western Kenya with an all-inclusive solution for fresh horticultural producers within the Lake Region Economic Bloc Regional Hub and its Littorals offering direct exports to global market from Kisumu International Airport consequently creating direct and some indirect employment opportunities to thousands to young Kenya in agribusiness business segment. Mr. Padwa commands a lot of respect within his networks in Public sector and multination organizations of East Africa Region which has made a buy for this project possible.

Previously also worked with Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC), White Nile Operating Company (WNPOC) as lead environmental safety and liaison manager monitoring conflicts between the upstream petroleum producing Companies and the communities of the oil producing land of Sudan, also worked with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and Kenya Forestry Research Institute delivering Bamboo planting trees to control flooding of YALA River and YALA SWAMP reclamation to create space to agricultural activities carried on by Lake Region Development Authority.

Lennox Oyuga Anyango

Company Director Finance

Mr. Lennox Oyuga Anyango

Co-Founder Director and retired officer of Kenya Defense Force (61 yrs old)

Mr. Lennox has broad spectrum of experience of more than 25 trading in properties, previous worked with Milligan properties before founding his own firm, he has a broad spectrum of wealth of knowledge which as acted as a value addition to our project venture.

Through his wealth of Knowledge has enabled Agri Pro Exporters Limited to acquire project land through his smart complexed
negotiation ability which has made us to acquire clean land which is located in the South of Kisumu International Airport. Mr. Lennox Oyuga played a great team leader and a super Coach when handling land and land acquisition deliverables, he commands great respect from the community of Kisumu County.

During the period of project land sourcing for Cold chain, he also did the due diligent on the land, did integrity checks during the project land procuring, Mr. Lennox has given an excellent service when it comes to the provisions of land for project implementation offering a safe landing which has been given a big node by all the team players of the project.

Mr. Lennox Oyuga Anyango has also been of great instrumental in offering facilitations at the project formative stages enabling for the dream come true of the project, this has earned him great recognitions by project team as a true believer of this project mission and a true co-founder of the mission.

Contact: lennox@agriproexporters.com, info@agriproexporters.com ,Tel:+254717632247

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