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Our project site is located on along the southern part of Kisumu International Airport runway, siting on a 2 Ha plot with a commercial value of Kenya Shillings One Hundre and Twenty Five Million (Kshs.125,000,000) the plot shall accommodate the Cold Storage facility, office park, office appartments and accommodation for workers on shift, a restaurant and warehouses, in addition to this,

Agri Pro Exporters Limited has negotiated USD.15 Million offshore loan facility from the United Kingdom which will be directly invested in the development of Cold Chain storage and Pack house Infrastructure, ACMI lease of 737- 525 cargo equipment to handle air logistics to our select clientele of the Middle East and also invest in an ICT Infrastructre that supports and intergrate into the technology of cold chain warehousing and the platform that interacts with our franchises.

We have also negotiated for a 737-500 cargo aircraft that we shall work with regionally to deliver cargo to the Near Middle East region and DRC Congo. With this equipment we anticipate to make more deliveries of 240 tons monthly to our clients. Other negotiations to win Asia market is ongoing, with more jobs anticipated to be created by the project in Lreb region, also we believe that more farmers will join the club of being part of export team players.

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